Privacy Policy Statement
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    Privacy Policy Statement


    PNT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as the "Company") makes the personal information handling policy as follows in a way that it protects the user's personal information and rapidly handling the complaints related to it.

    Article 1 (Goal of handling the personal information)

    The Company handles the personal information for the following purposes.
    The personal information under the processing shall not be used for the purposes other than the followings. If there is any change in the purpose of the use, the required actions shall be implemented, including the getting of the separate consents.

    1. Membership and control of home page
    The personal information is handled for the following purposes: to check the applicant's intention of joining the membership, identify and certify the principal, maintain and keep the membership, identify the principal through the implementation of limited identification of principal, prevent the irregular use of service, check the consent of legal representative when the personal information of children less than 14 years old, notify the public announcement or handle the complaints, etc.

    2. Provision of goods or services
    The personal information is handled to deliver the products, render the service, issue the agreement or invoice, provide the specific service, certify the principal, certify the age, pay or settle the fee, and collect the receivables for the customers.

    3. Handling the complaints
    The personal information is handled to check the identity of the customer, check the complaints, notify the fact to the customers and inform the handling results.

    Article 2 (Items of personal information for handling)

    The Company handles the following personal information items.

    1. Joining and controlling the membership of home page
    Required items : name, ID, password, tel. no, email address, date of birth and sex
    Optional items :

    2. Provision of goods or services
    Required items : name, ID, password, tel. no, email address, credit card no., date of birth and sex
    Optional items :

    Article 3 (How to collect the personal information)

    1. If the user agrees on the collection of personal information and enters his/her personal information during the joining of the membership and the use of service, the personal information is collected.

    2. The user's personal information can be collected through the website, mail, fax, or telephone through the consultation through customer service center.

    3. The personal information may be collected in writing through the offline events.

    4. The Company may bet the personal information form the outside company or group associated with the Company, and in which case, the outside company or group shall get the consent of the provision of the personal information from the users.

    5. In case of the member of less than 14 years old, the consent shall be acquired from the legal representative.

    Article 4 (Period of handling and keeping the personal information)

    ① The Company can handle and keep the personal information within the period of keeping and using the personal information as specified in the related laws or agreed in the time of collecting the personal information from the users.

    ② Period of keeping and using the personal information is as follows.

    1. Membership and control of home page : Joining the membership: until the member leaves the membership of homepage of the business or group. But, if it falls on one of the following, it lasts until the event finished.
    1) If the investigation continues due to the default of the related laws, until the investigation is finished.
    2) If there is the receivable or payable from the use of homepage, until the receivable or payable is settled.

    2. Provision of goods or services : until the supply of goods or service is completed and the payment or settlement is finished. But, if one of the following happens, until the event is finished.
    1) Record of the display or advertisement, contract and its implementation according to Article 6 of Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    - Record of display and advertisement : 6 months
    - Record on the revocation of agreement or subscription, payment or supply of goods : 5 years
    - Record on the handling of the consumer's complaints or dispute : 3 years
    2) Retention of the communication facts according to Article 15-2 of Protection of Communications Secrets Act
    - Date of communication with member, start and finish time, membership no. and frequency of use : 1 year
    - Data of computer communication, internet log data and tracking data : 3 months

    Article 5 (Destruction of personal information)

    ① The Company destroys the personal information within 5 days when the performance gets no more necessary due to the elapse of the retention period or achievement of the goal of retention.

    ② If the personal information should be continue to be retained even though the agreed period of retention elapsed or the goal of retention is achieved, it shall be moved to the separate database or other storage location for storage.

    ③ The procedure and method of destruction of personal information is as follows.

    1. Process of destruction
    The Company selects the personal information for destruction and gets the approval of the person in charge before destroying the personal information.

    2. How to destroy
    The Company shall destroy the personal information recorded or stored in the electronic file in a way that it cannot be restored by using low level format or others. The personal information recorded and stored in the paper document shall be shredded by shredder or incinerated for destruction.

    Article 6 (Rights and obligations of the users and their legal representatives and how to exercise them)

    ① The user may exercise the rights related to the protection of personal information as follow at all times.

    1. Asking for the right of checking the personal information
    2. Asking for correction of any error
    3. Asking for deletion
    4. Asking for stopping the handling

    ② The exercise of the rights specified in 1 above may be conducted via in writing, telephone, email or fax and the company will take immediately action.

    ③ If the user asks for the correction or deletion of the error in the personal information, the company will not use or provide them to others until the company makes the correction or deletion of that information.

    ④ The children of less than 15 may exercise the right as specified 1 above through the their legal representatives or agent. In this case, the legal representative gets all rights of the user.

    ⑤ The user shall not infringe his or other's personal information in violation of the related laws such as Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and communications Network and Personal Information Protection Act.

    Article 7 (Installation, operation and rejection of the device for automatic collection of personal information)

    The Company uses the cookie which stores and fetches the user's information in order to personalize the users and provide them with the customized services.

    1. Goal of using the cookie
    It is used to analyze the frequency of connection or time of visit by members and non-members, understand the user's habit and interest, track the trace and understand the user's participation in events and frequency of participations.

    2. How to reject the cookie
    The user may reject the installation of cookies. If the user rejects to install the cookies, the use of some services which require the login may get difficult.
    (Setting method based on IE) Tool on the top of the web browser > Internet option > Personal information > Disconnection of site

    Article 8 (Security of personal information)

    The company takes the following actions to acquire the security of the personal information.

    1. Administrative action : establishment and implementation of internal control plan and regular education of employees, etc.

    2. Technical action : control of access authority over the personal information handling system, installation of access control system and encryption of unique identification information and installation of security program

    3. Physical action : access control to computer room or data storage room

    Article 9 (Person in charge of protection of personal information)

    ① The company shall take responsibilities for the handling of the personal information and designate and operates the person in charge of personal information and the department as follows in order to handle the complains of users related to the handling of personal information.

    • [Person in charge of protection of personal information]
    • Name : Yun Mi-na
    • Position : team leader
    • Contact point : <TEL :+82-31-865-9086 >, <E-MAIL : >, <FAX : +82-31-865-9084 >

    ② The user may ask question to the person or department in charge of protection of personal information such as protection of all personal information, handling of the complaints and relief of damages while using the service (or projects). The company will make answers to the user's questions.

    Article 10 (Asking for checking the personal information)

    The user may take advantage of the following department to ask for the checking of personal information. The company will make every effort to rapidly handle the user's asking for checking the personal information.

    • [Department in charge of accepting and handling the personal information]
    • Name : Yun Mi-na
    • Position : team leader
    • Contact point : <TEL :+82-31-865-9086 >, <E-MAIL : >, <FAX : +82-31-865-9084 >

    Article 11 (How to relieve the infringement of rights)

    The user may ask questions to the department below on the relief or consultation on the infringement of personal information.
    <The organization below is independent from the company. If you are not satisfied with the company's handling the complaining and damages, or you need more assistance, you may call them.>

    • [Center for reporting the infringement of personal information] (operated by Korea Internet & Security Agency)
    • Work : reporting, and consulting on the infringement of personal information
    • Website :
    • Tel : (without regional code) 118
    • Address : (58324) Center for reporting the infringement of personal information, 3rd floor, Jinheung-gil 9 (Bitgaram-dong 301-2), Naju-si, Jeonnam
    • [Personal information dispute mediation committee]
    • Work : Personal information dispute mediation committee
    • Website :
    • Tel : (without regional code) 1833-6972
    • Address : (03171) 4th floor Government Seoul Building, 209 Sejongdae-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    • [Cyber crime & investigation team of Supreme Prosecutors's Office]  02-3480-3573
    • [Cyber terror action center, Korean National Police Agency]  1566-0112

    Article 12 (Change in the policy on the handling of personal information)

    ① The regulation on the handling of personal information takes effective on Mar. 4, 2018.